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Links and Resources:
  Animal Liberation Front

  Animal Rescue Corps

  Hope For Paws
 Neuter, Spay & Adoption Information
 How Could You by Jim Willis (Please Read)
 Foster Parrots
 PETA (People for The Ethical Treatment Of Animals)
 Interested In Bird Ownership? 
   The truths about circuses

   The truths about horse race tracks

 The truths about Palm Oil (found in soaps, cookies and more)

The truths about animal testing  *CLICK HERE*

Below Are Some Non-Animal Tested Products, I Personally Use or Have Used & Recommend

For A List of Products that DO NOT Test On Animals  *CLICK HERE*
For A List of Products that DO Test On Animals  *CLICK HERE*

Household Cleaners/Laundry
- Sun Laundry Care & dish detergent can be found at Family Dollar or Big Lots and most Dollar Stores   Price: $1-4.00

- Mrs. Meyer's House cleaning/Laundry Products can be found at Walmart (I recommend the Basil or Rosemary scent)  Price: $3-10.00

- Sun & Earth Cleaning Products can be found at Hanniford's & Whole Foods.  For a list of retailers or online ordering visit  Price $3.49-29.99 (value pack)

- Method Cleaning Products are biodegradable can be found in most retail stores, such as Hanniford, Walmart, Big Lots etc.  My personal favorites are the Eucaliptis Mint Bathroom cleaners
Price $
3.99 and up 

Beauty Products

- Suki
skin care products are the most amazing skin care products.  LOVE them!  They are on the more expensive side but well worth the money.  These products can be ordered online at:

- Olive Essence Skin Care Products by Mineral  can be ordered online at     Price: $9.99-24.99 (Worth it, will last a long time)

- Bath & Body Works has great scented body lotions, sprays, lip glosses, hand soaps and a ton more.  Most of these stores are located in your local mall or online at            Price:  $2.00 & up

- Giovanni Organic Hair Care Tea Tree Oil Shampoo/Conditioner & other great products can be found in TJ Maxx, Marshalls or directly online at        Price: $7.99-20.00   
- Toms of Maine personal hiegene products can be found at most retail stores such as cvs, Walmart, Walgreens etc.
Price $3 and up

- Aquarian Bath soap is the most balanced soap I've ever used.  Makes your skin  feel soft and beautiful.  This soap is cruelty-free and palm free! My personal favorties are lavender Rose everyday soap and Lavender Sweet Orange exfoliating soap.

In order to make palm oil, 300 soccer fields of rainforests are taken down each day, killing hundreds of orangutans, who then starve to death, as their to their food source and natural environment destroyed and/or injured during this process.   Price: approx. $5.00/bar

Vegetarian/Vegan Food Products 

(my personal recommendations).  These prices are just an estimate.

- Veggie Patch Chick' n Nuggets & other food products are extremely good.  Can be found at grocery stores, such as Hanniford's & Market Basket Price: $3.99
- Smart Dogs hotdogs can be found in the produce section of Hanniford, Market Basket and most other grocery stores   Price: $3.99
- Trader Joe's Italian Sausage-less Sausage Price $2.99
- Morning Star Farms Sweet & Sour Chicken, lasagna, breakfast sausage patties, flame grilled patties, ribs, chili are my personal favorites.  Can be found at most grocery stores  Price $3.99
- Dominex Eggplant Meatballs and other products can be found at Market Basket  Price: $3.00
- Tofurky can be found at Hanniford's & Trader Joes     Price: $9.99-10.99
- Gardein Mandarin Orange Crispy Chicken can be found at Hanniford's and Market Basket   Price: $3.99
- Yves Veggie Cuisine can be found at Market Basket Price $2.99 +
 - Vegetarian Plus can be found at Whole Foods
Price $3.99 +
- Nutiva Organic Unrefined extra virgin Coconut Oil can be found at Hanniford, Whole Foods or online  Price approx $21.00-40.00
























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